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Uppsala Reports Long Reads – Substandard and falsified COVID-19 vaccines in the Americas

May 27, 2021 Uppsala Monitoring Centre
Drug Safety Matters
Uppsala Reports Long Reads – Substandard and falsified COVID-19 vaccines in the Americas
Show Notes

While COVID-19 vaccinations are picking up speed in many wealthy countries, citizens of lower-income countries still face a long wait ­– and where demand exceeds supply, black markets tend to form. So to curb the spread of substandard and falsified products, says drug regulatory specialist Danini Marin, we must ensure that COVID-19 vaccines are distributed equitably around the world.

This episode is part of the Uppsala Reports Long Reads series – the most topical stories from UMC’s pharmacovigilance magazine, brought to you in audio format. Find the original article here.

After the read, we talk to Danini about the COVAX programme, organised crime, and trust in vaccinations.

Tune in to find out:

  • Why COVID-19 vaccine delivery to low- and middle-income countries has been inadequate so far
  • What threats substandard and falsified vaccines pose to people and countries
  • How you can help mitigate the spread of compromised products

Want to know more?

Tune into our first episode to learn about the deadly trade of fake medicines from former Interpol officer Aline Plançon.

The US Food and Drug Administration has more information on the COVID-19 vaccines authorised for emergency use in the country, plus other useful resources on vaccines.

In March 2021, the Infectious Disease Data Observatory reported 54 incidents of COVID-19 vaccines being substandard, falsified, or diverted from the legal supply chain.

In the same month, Interpol and the US’s Homeland Security Investigations warned the public against purchasing alleged COVID-19 vaccines online, while the World Health Organization issued a medical product alert on a falsified COVID-19 vaccine detected in Mexico.

WHO also curates a database on COVID-19 vaccine candidates in development around the world.

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