Drug Safety Matters

#25 A week in the name of medicines safety – part 2

November 13, 2023 Uppsala Monitoring Centre
Drug Safety Matters
#25 A week in the name of medicines safety – part 2
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To mark #MedSafetyWeek, which took place from 6–12 November, we’re releasing a special two-part episode on pharmacovigilance communication campaigns. In this second part, we hear from three #MedSafetyWeek veterans – Anne-Cécile Vuillemin from the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg, Ban Al-Shimran from the Iraqi Ministry of Health, and Frieda Shigwedha from the Therapeutic Information and Pharmacovigilance Centre in Namibia – about what makes a successful campaign.

Tune in to find out:

  • Why you should always tailor your communication strategy to your setting
  • How to deal with the financial, cultural, and logistical challenges of campaign planning
  • What to keep in mind if you are new to #MedSafetyWeek

Want to know more?

You can read a summary of this episode on the Uppsala Reports news site.

To learn more about #MedSafetyWeek, check out the hashtag online and visit the campaign website, where you will also find free social media materials in several languages.

This is the second of a two-part episode on pharmacovigilance communication campaigns. Listen to the first part here.

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